Awakening the legends of the Old Town of Tallinn
Many legends and ghost stories are hidden inside the Old Town of Tallinn.
But it is also known that they would wake up only when they want to.
You have a chance to participate in solving several exciting tasks.
Come and try your hand in bringing the legends back to life!

Sweet Sunday Morning with a Wizard
A wizard takes you to an incredible walk through Old Town.
It’s just unbelievable how simple, but powerful magic can brighten your day!
This magical trip ends in one lovely spot where hands and lips get sweet.

City reportage
Become to a ‘paparazzi’! You’ll get a photo camera and a mission.
During a mission you have an assignment to do a photo-reportage of the trip.
The thematically rubrics are the following: BEST… architecture, city view,
still-life, portrait, humorous, social and dream PICTURE.
Afterwards the host who also represents the jury selects the best pictures and
comments on them with a sense of humor.

Treasure Quest following the Footsteps of Old Thomas
There is a box of treasure hidden in Old Town! There is a target you need to reach!
As a matter of fact, Old Thomas stands guard over a hidden box of treasure in Old Town. The treasure hunters are able to use GPS-facilities, you have longitudes and latitudes of a hiding place, maps of Old Town and some cues how to recognize Old Thomas.

A Trip to the Estonian Ancient History
It is a trip to the depths of history - to the time of the pagan gods and sacred groves.
A little piece of history becomes alive again - you can have a taste of
ancient traditions and rituals from the time before Christianization.
You will have a chance to learn about the ways of our ancestors - how they lived,
worked and what they believed in.

Enjoying golf
Golf events are an effective way to entertain you, your business partners and employees. After an exciting game of golf we offer you an enjoyable program in a relaxing atmosphere. Spoil yourself in a spa and sauna or have a cultural evening in admirable manors.

Soft-air battle
The game of war, which is so real, that the players cannot be distinguished from the real armed members of Special Forces. The battle will be held with exact analogues of real arms. There is possibility to choose between different game tactics and places - battles in town, landscape tactics and fighting man against man.